Guidance and Instructions –

Set out below Members can read whole Chapters of the Book Life Questions or just a short Review depending on their membership. This is intended to provide basic background support to better enable members to consider the question and formulate their individual and unique answer. Members may wish to do their own research and discuss the question with partners, friends or colleagues. Members can choose to use the writing format given below to record their views or open separate files as they may choose. The basic word program allows members to write their own answers and save their files on this platform for easy recovery. Print facilities are also available. Each member will be able to write and save one set of views which will be set out in Chapter format and kept for the duration of their membership. Member’s files will not be kept past the end date of their membership period. Trial members who transfer after 30 days to a full membership will have their files transferred to their extended membership.
This content is for Trial Membership members only.
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