Self-development is a striving to find a peace within us of the unfinished as well as the mysterious. This awakening arrives as we marvel at the human being striving to understand, to be nourished through our upbringing, our environment, our education, our culture, the sciences, our growing experience and our inner spirituality to open up the oyster pearl within each and every one of us and to accept and understand our differences, especially the answers that we strive to ponder. In our lifetimes each one of us is part of the unending process that propels Life forward and we are little aware that the Universe is waiting for us to unfold its secrets. We all have a role to play in the unfolding miracle of life on earth which through our interface we can create more beauty in all of life.

  • In the early and prime years of our lives we generally want to make a contribution to community by our unique offering of self-contribution balanced against our own sometimes selfish needs. The complexity of today’s marketplace is overwhelming and staying in contact with the natural world while bringing into focus our ability to participate in a rewarding way to an ever fastening socially connected society and workplace requires a high degree of self-development. Putting aside just for this discussion our dreamed ambitions or trained work skills we need to stay grounded and alert to our human beauty. Going through life without ever finding oneself is not such a commendable achievement as the main sacrifice is our happiness. Slowing down to be able to listen to silence and to slowly hear the echo of yourself which may have lots to say is a very rewarding journey. Finding who we are  is where to start, how to get to know yourself is a must to do life experience.

Finding who we are normally takes considerable time and is not achieved in the classroom but with yourself for long periods just with yourself. When we can hear our inner voice of love and joy and gratitude for whatever we have we can move forward. A lot of people suffer trauma in their early years and knowing we have baggage sometimes is not so apparent. Understanding our religious and cultural heritage may not be obvious and through travel and meeting other cultures we can begin to see our differences. Finding a way into looking at yourself is a valuable journey and when you can see who you are, you are then in a position to make the next step. Loving ourselves is the first step and then deciding who and what you want to be is an unending quest. We know that we are what we think and not what we think we are. After you unwrap these few words you realize your thoughts are paramount in regard to your contribution in both the short and the long term. When you can reflect on your inner thoughts and gain inspiration and allow the universe to play a role in your decision making process you realize you have more time than you imagined. Especially don’t be rushed by your environment and give some time to make important decisions as the Universe is just waiting for your invitation to allow it in. Giving space in time can produce the most rewarding outcomes, but it still requires your close attention and focus. The Universe is a natural support mechanism but you are the driver. Here is the contradiction… You cannot drive like a racing car driver around every bend in life, first you need to be focused, aware, alert and energized but take note, your focus is not on winning but simply doing your best and doing it in safety with the knowledge that you are not alone. Some of the areas we need to have awareness are included in the ANSWER LIFE QUESTIONS tab below you can see the general scope of “What makes up your life journey” in Chapter Seven and in Chapter Four – “How do you get to know yourself” provides our insight into an essential understanding for all of us.

Some links which we believe contribute to having a clearer and more mindful connection with yourself are listed: