Questions to life can invoke our deepest thoughts and feelings, a striving to find a peace within us of the mysterious. This awakening arrives as we marvel at the human being striving to understand, to nourish through science, experience and our differences the answers that we strive to ponder. In our lifetimes each one of us is part of the unending process that propels life forward and we expect that the Universe is waiting for us to unfold its secrets

The importance of questioning has rewards as we face every day experiencing our connections within and outside ourselves.

As unique individuals each one of us has some part of the puzzle and perhaps when we put out collective different thoughts and energies together we can enable a process together with the Universe to better see the probabilities leading us to the answers. Our journey started as two brothers who decided to spend some time together to get to know one another better. What pursued in 2020 during the ‘stay at home restrictions’ were months of email exchanges between Berlin and Brisbane to share our different views on life and so the chapters in this website began to emerge.

We grew up as young sunburnt Australians in the 50’s in a favorable environment in suburban Brisbane in Australia and as brothers we had spent a lot of our mid-life years in different parts of the world and when we caught up, there was seldom time to get down to ‘serious talk’ as there was lots of family catching up to do. So, as time passed and by 2020 we resolved that we should get to know how we had grown to hold our opinions that were seemingly so different. So, part of the challenge for us is to confront our brother’s opinions ‘for the first time’ and try to understand what these opinions mean to perhaps expand our own views! This allows us to be more open to other views without judgements of right or wrong, good or bad!

Our morals, beliefs, drivers and other aspects of our personalities seem to have been shaped by our environment, our natural instincts and of the course from our individual and different experiences. It is each other’s different views that gives rise to a closer internal self-review of what our experiences have been to have thus formed our opinions and perspectives on life. Over time we move towards a consolidation and as well a deeper understanding of ourselves and not surprisingly we have quite different views and thoughts on the life of things. A truly unique journey not knowing how the outcome might change us.

While accepting the many reasons that siblings most often have different personalities and perspectives it is rather the opposite when it comes to what sports siblings play and enjoy. Family members are known to be highly influential in the development of sporting pursuits. So, it was for us and as we emerged from school with sporting interests it was a surprise to see without previous knowledge we followed exactly our fathers choices. These sporting interests were very much aligned, as if handed down through cell memory and we were nourished by the spirit of fair play and competition which has extended over many years and is now in the hands of the grandchildren with the same cell memory, joy and excitement.

What lies behind the differences or harmonies is not our purpose here, but simply invite you on a similar journey of self discovery and perhaps to know each other better. In our thoughts it is the human spirit and the beauty of our given natures that enables us as individuals to charter the course we so decide.

The objective of exploring the questions in this website has only one underlining shared thought which is to find for each other the incredible beauty of the individual in harmony with the universe. And perhaps to see after deeply considering the questions whether any of your views may have moved by sharing and becoming your own witness.

The contents of the research with the full membership access is that none of what is presented is intended to be complete or comprehensive.

“I really enjoy people and their individual identities, yet it is not often I find someone that does not carry childhood baggage. I can see that the Universe is opening up to allow us to better understand its needs. We too, the human species are finding ways to open our hearts more that ever before. I really love this book and what the brothers have explained in such a simple way.

“I am finding ways to look inside who I am and I enjoy discovering my deeper self. I also need to explore the wholeness of our human nature and it is a relief to find in this book an acceptance for all the differences and that we are all very unique and beautiful people”


“I am excited to read this book as a way of constantly growing. Finding ways to accept others and letting go of the past is a truly elating experience. With that each day brings me more opportunities to feel and to share my joy.”Ina