For the purpose of setting annual Life objective or goals, preparing a Vision Board provides a way of visualizing what you want to achieve. Use an online Photo Collage Maker or simply any word program such as Microsoft Word. The ‘INSERT – Online Pictures’ tab gives you access to many online images that you may be thinking about as goals. In the collage of images below the goals for this person can be identified as follows:

  • – A loving partner, sharing trust & faithfulness
  • – Learning to listen without giving advice
  • – Following the planetary health diet 
  • – Having a balanced & active lifestyle for good health
  • – Being creative and finding clarity
  • – Being open to others in heart and mind
  • – Following your dream career
  • – Finding a higher moral perspective
  • – Enjoying life with dancing
  • – Achieving financial security
  • – Caring for family & friends

What are some basic goals that you might include in your Vision Board:

Think about progressing your life in images and keep a record of these images with dates assigned. If you did some goal setting at the end of 2021 then label it objectives to achieve by end 2022. Once you are happy with the images you can enlarge it into a Poster and make it visible for you to see in a wall position that you can glimpse at often. Perhaps you want to share it with others, perhaps a partner or friend. This is not a boring process as lists of objectives can often become easily lost in our myriad of tasks and reminders. This mind map or vision board becomes real in a very short time as you truly embrace the images and step by step you will see the changes emerge. Having a friend on board to observe your progress is another plus and by confiding in them and sharing the experience of change is rewarding for your friend as well.

Don’t be disappointed when you miss some goals just keep the image there for next year and it might just be improved on or displaced? Sometimes we use an image of something higher than our goal such as having a six pack physique or slim waist or thighs, but that the goal may just be improved fitness which was at the heart of the image. Also you can note that when some images are not achieved you can check whether they were actually important. You may discover that sometimes we set goals that were not things you actually wanted to achieve and as well some goals you may not make progress with, yet the internal process of working towards them can teach you a lot. It has been said that the value of setting goals is to get us on the upward spiral and through the endeavor sometimes we learn from the process of failing yet have tried.