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Here you have access to a Trial Membership to My Life Views and this is how it works. The questions that appear here are 1st Edition Questions which are written about by Brothers Peach in their Book – Life Questions. It is possible thatyou are here because you either have some clear answers to write down or that you are looking for clear answersby contemplating this question and doing your own research. Your 30 day Trial gives you a place to start and to get inspired by your own views or life experiences. Once you have pondered these question and perhaps discussedthe views of others (family or friends or a close partner) and you have concluded your answers then this contributes greatly to knowing yourself and you have your own mini Life Philosophy. You can print it out for continued contemplation on life’s journey.

Full Membership gives you annual registration and access to the Book by Brothers Peach – Life Questions. Two brothers researched these questions and as well exchanged their different personal views, one brother somewhat mystical relying on his life experiences and the other an intellectual thinker relying more on science and philosophical knowledge.

The questions that follow allow you up to 3000 words to provide your answers. You can save file anytime and when you are ready, to print what you have written. These answers remain strictly private to your membership and it is up to you who you share these answers with. The electronic file cannot be shared or available to send to others on this platform.

Now go proceed to answer the first question or jump to any question you are inclined. Let us know if you need any support and we wish you a satisfying and rewarding journey. At any time you feel you need the research or perspectives on Brothers Peach views and experiences just upgrade to the Full Membership and you have access to the contents of their book – Life Questions.

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“It has opened my eyes to see our differences are just diversity



“A truly remarkable journey to find my deeper self?”



“How simple life is when we realise our societies have needed stories and myths to survive!”

What are your experiences, views, insights and wisdom?