My brother suggested we should “Save the World” and I asked him what he meant? He explained that diversity is the foundation for the survival of all forms of life (the natural environment, animals and plants); diversity of thought is how human kind will survive (i.e. you and me, and our children, and our grandchildren, and the unborn children of the future). 

Our shared mission is to find common ground amongst all people and to appreciate our differences. Whether your perspective is formed through academic endeavour or simply derived from life experiences. Deeply held perspectives normally arise from open and honest natural processes and the joy of difference is how as individuals we contribute to the greater diversity.

The service provided in this website is a simple platform for members to answer these Life Questions and to raise other questions that they want to share. The process of thinking about our answers and perhaps doing some research helps us to find a deeper connection within ourselves.

A Trial membership allows you to investigate your own answers to many questions relating to spirituality, knowing yourself, happiness, your life journey, empathy, moving forward and insights. A full membership provides you with possible answers, possible options, some research and the answers from two brothers who reveal their individual perspectives. Take a look at the questions in the Answer Life Questions tab above, it just may help to save our blue planet earth.

“Our human family has enjoyed life on earth for so long and now, reminded by the cries from our children, we are slowly rising past fear to fashion a new start and a greener future. As citizens, we are humbled to see the experience and achievements of our past but now having learnt to do things with our hearts and minds, we are ready in partnership with planet earth for an optimal recovery of our shared environment. As part of this living earth and the whole family of creation we have the opportunity to expand our lives beyond individual, human self-seeking. Our home on earth will never be forsaken in spite of what we may have done to ravage its resources as we now confront the unfolding wrath that earth will bring.

Together, in concert with our earthly home, with our intelligence and the consciousness of the universe afforded us by creation, we can sustain this planet for all life, for all children and for their children’s children. This blue planet will sustain us if we keep remembering that it has never been from our strength that we have made progressive steps but from being intelligent, adaptable to change and working more cooperatively in heart with all that is our conscious beautiful blue planet earth.”

Our sole purpose is to bring more harmony into people’s lives through providing a platform to register answers to some life questions. In doing so to share the insights and experiences and perspectives of people from all over our planet earth. Life Questions are common to all of us and in this website we share our insights and invite others to come along and answer the questions from their individual life experiences, perspectives and learning. Our life experiences are unique and varied and have depended on our place of birth, our early environment, our culture, our journeys and the extent of our own personal development and learning. So far for this version 01/2021 we have a limited set of questions and we anticipate these questions will grow over time as we hear from readers what has been important on their journey of life experience. Ultimately we would like to collect special stories of interest to enable a collective perspective to emerge or at least to see the trends that life experiences and learning gives rise to by a natural process in these years of fast global communications.

In the tab below ANSWER LIFE QUESTIONS you can become involved and contribute to the process of enabling a collective experience to be formulated over the coming years. We estimate that by end 2021 we would like to ask members to contribute to what is trending in the answers allowing the platform to present our collective directions as we begin to reveal our perspectives on Planet-ship Blue Earth to Save the World.

Diving into answering these questions and providing your life experiences to consolidate your perspectives is not a simple task. The process will require some of your precious time and perhaps you will want to do some of your own research. Each Chapter is supported by our preliminary research to provide your initial directions and is by no means comprehensive. Your individual answers will need to be considered over time before you consolidate your views. What you write in your answers is strictly confidential to you and who you decide to share your words.

Tell us the Life Questions that concern you. They will be reviewed for any new editions.


    “It has opened my eyes to see our differences are just diversity



    “A truly remarkable journey to find my deeper self?”



    “How simple life is when we realise our societies have needed stories and myths to survive!”