Try experimenting with your thoughts


During out lifetime journey we go through many stages of growth, from self searching through awareness of everything around us which plays an influence on our perspectives and who we become. Pure life awareness begins with the often care free days of youth to the years of learning, finding our creativity through music, art etc. and facing our teenage fears especially through the years of social integration, then comes the years of responsibility, hard work and finding our feet, as the path leads on.

Passing through the many stages that come from youth to our senior years we wonder what it is all about this life on earth. Is it our achievements and successes, or our losses and the pain? Is it just staying safe within our boundaries that we may decide what risks we take or might avoid and live in the shadow of being more than we might be. Contemplating who we are and who we may have been is perhaps irrelevant, but now what comes to us in our softer, quieter years is what purpose comes of life as we enter the last quartile? When we are fortunate to enjoy the good life and we can share a wine or beer or two we can find our sleep not so deep. This may also happen without a glass or two at the end of the evening as we move to rest. Perhaps when we lay awake and the thoughts that come and go have no sense of purpose as we have come to know from earlier times. Thoughts and dreams that wander in endless motion yet have no guidance to fruitful aims are but a sign that perhaps their lay yet another course to find. What is it that these aimless thoughts and dreams have in store for us to ponder and perhaps with luck or deeper thought to find? Knowing we are what we think here the chance lies not while we are awake but in our sometimes fruitless and wayward thoughts and dreams.

Experimenting with our thoughts to change our life

What are the choices ? and the answers are more than a few. Perhaps the wine has played with the chemistry of your mind and it is just a case that one can choose to change the intake or continue to allow the grey coloured cells to lose their glory. A third option is to think about what you want to dream about and what directions you want your life to take. Here lies many options that you can decide. Perhaps you want to guide your thoughts in ways that find your single end purpose in life. Perhaps a purpose greater that all the achievements you have done, yet it may be as simple as guiding your thoughts.

  • I want to improve my relationships especially with my partner and family and show them how much I love them all
  • I want to become a great musician and fill the world with my song and joy
  • I want to paint my best works and devote my life to art
  • I want to write, and read, or dance, or make things or knit or just enjoy the TV screen from dawn to dusk and so on the story goes….

A quote from former US President – Barrack Obama

“We are reminded that, in the fleeting time we have on this Earth, what matters is not wealth, or status, or power, or fame, but rather how well we have loved and what small part we have played in making the lives of other people better.”

Following this idea we can start with finding all the words that can fill our last moments before we sleep to fill us with joy:

  • patience, self empathy, compassion, honesty, truth, carefulness, mindfulness, sharing, smiling, harmony, acceptance, laughter, fun, joy, openness, and the list can spiral as high as you wish!

By using these words to guide your sleep as a prayer then your dreams are guided and as day breaks so your life can be influenced beginning with a stretch and a smile.


You may have something going on in your thoughts that has not found a way to surface with clarity. Spiralling upward can be achieved in many ways. Beginning with an emphasis on words you may have already in your early years been taught to say a prayer. We can ourselves find the words that we can use to affect changes in our regular thoughts.

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