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  “LIFE Questions” is an open invitation for you to explore the nuances of life’s biggest questions and gives you a way into your own life experiences to tell the story that no one else can tell.

Answering LIFE Questions will help you find a deeper condition and connection within yourself.

Membership gives you a Free Trial for 30 days to access the sampling of each of the ten chapters. Read about the Authors who are everyday people wanting to bring about change in how we find a deeper sense of self and to develop empathy for others unique and honest perspectives. Nature is so diverse and so are we!

The Book LIFE Questions was released on the 24th November 2021 from your preferred retailer or online from www.amazon.com/books

Are You One of Those People Who Are Striving for A Better Life Experience?

More Fulfillment? Greater Happiness?

The Book LIFE Questions and the Online Tools Can Help You!

As two brothers who grew up in Australia, we went our separate ways in life. After many years apart (actually decades), we decided to spend some time together to get to know one another better.

What happened in 2020 during the ‘stay at home restrictions’ were months of email exchanges between us, with one of us in Berlin and the other in Brisbane. As we shared our different views on life, the experience was so valuable to our individual personal growth that we decided to combine both the mystic and academic views into the chapters of a book.

As we spoke to our friends each one expressed their desire to write their own views, to express their own insights and experiences, so the simple tools on the website were developed. 

The Authors everyday people - brothers Trevor & Neil explore the nuance of life's biggest questions

As brothers we give our precious relationship to this exploration and hope that the book and the tools will contribute to each of you personally finding a deeper more meaningful understanding, tolerance, and harmony in the very nature of human diversity. We are all ONE in our differences.


Trevor Peach & Dr. Neil Peach

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When the Poll is active... either select a suitable answer or write your own answer in ‘Other’

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“It has opened my eyes to see that our differences are just part of the wider diversity of life."

“A truly remarkable journey providing profound insights into my deeper self.”


“The book LIFE Questions planted a new seed for my continued inner growth”